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Advanced Facial Treatments

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Available after June 18th. A breakthrough treatment that unlocks the body’s natural superpowers: Oxfoliate™ with O2 bubbles, amplify with LUX via ourlite ultrasound experience, and detox via lymphatic massage. See why this is the gateway to extraordinary outcomes for your skin… and your life.

ThermoClear                  $45-$150

ThermoClear USA has the latest in radio frequency machines technology. It utilizes both low radio frequency and high radio frequency. It can treat ALL skin types on epidermal skin imperfections. These skin imperfections include small Spider Capillaries, Cherry Angiomas, Milia, Acne and Skin Tags. They also include Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Fibromas, Cholesterol Deposits and Sun Spots / Age Spots in the Epidermis

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Cold Plasma Fibroblasting 
(Price Varies)

Cold Plasma is a revolutionary, non-invasive alternative treatment to traditional surgery. The treatment helps excessive tissue that causes sagging skin, unwanted wrinkles, stretch marks and even diminish scarring.

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CooLifting Facial                   $250


  • Paradoxical vessel-motricity: blood vessels constrictions followed by blood vessels dilatations of the blood micro-circulation. By suffering a strong cold stimulus, the blood vessels alternatively constrict and expand to counter it.

  • Cryophoresis and barophoresis: multiplication of the Coolifting active by cold and pressure. The combination of cold with the high pressure applied on the epidermis causes a strong penetration of the Coolifting actives and an exponential increase of its effects.

  • Thermal shock: stimulation of the underlying tissues. Those tissues are normally at a temperature of some 36ºC (97ºF). Upon experiencing a sudden drop of temperature, it causes a deep and instantaneous dermis reaction.

The cold CO2 flow and the atomized actives               combined with the high application pressure, causes:


Nanoneedling  is a non-invasive skin treatment delivery system designed to rejuvenate your skin and treat common issues like lack of tone, uneven texture, acne, excessive pigmentation, scarring, and loss of elasticity. There is no pain, inflammation, bleeding, or discomfort.


Bone Marrow Stem Cells are the most studied adult stem cell type and have demonstrated potent anti-inflammatory functions. Umbilical Cord Stem Cells are derived from a physiologically younger tissue and are therefore a much younger cell type. These young adult stem cells also demonstrate anti-inflammatory effects, but they also demonstrate significant proliferation and extracellular matrix production (collagen, elastin, HA). Combining these two stem cell exosomes gives the best opportunity for a maximal regenerative effect on the skin.

Nanoneedling  + Exosomes        
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